Top Parody Movies

admin February 9, 2018 Views 84

Movies are enjoyable as they are because of their stories and all. But, it is more interesting as it gets a funny twist with the parodies combined with different movies or celebrity show-ups. Here are the top contending parody films that you will surely love and watch over and over again.

Movies Turned Comedy

  • Meet The Spartans – yes, it came from the movie 300 and believe me, you might change your perspectives to Leonidas after watching this. See how many appearances would come inside this movie and how it is more like the 300.
  • Scary Movies – who would’ve thought that horror movies could end up being not scary at all when they are mixed with comedy? I’m pretty sure you will lose your fear over Sadako or even Emily Rose after watching the films
  • Vampire Sucks – a parody from Twilight. Even the romantic, fiction movie can also be turned to comedy when you see how they twisted the plot and even exaggerated some parts. Next time you see Edward Cullen, you might burst out laughing because you might remember what happened on this movie.

  • Epic Movie – if you want to watch multiple movies in a single show, this is the film that you are looking for.